Kushiwaira Tours

Comunity Kushi-Waira

Kushi Waira is a division of the Jambi Runa Community Health Foundation. The Jambi Runa Foundation operates in six communities of the Tarqui Parish, Azuay Province, Ecuador including the San Francisco, Chilcachapar and Chilcatotoras Communities..

It is a non-profit organization with the following Vision in the indigenous communities of Ecuador:

To provide a better life by

  Encouraging community participation, solidarity, and reciprocity

  Promoting Community Health & Wellness

  Strengthening our Communities - Preventing Migration

  Strengthening our Cultural Identity

  Creating Sustainable Sources of Income

The organization allows men and women, farmers, and indigenous organizations to help promote health by running local tourism programs (at Kushi Waira), producing and selling Cheese (at Nukanchik Kawsay), and sharing the local culture (at Mama Kinua).

Kushi Waira is in operation to help fulfill that vision. The Center operates several community micro-tourism programs that provide employment for indigenous locals. Twenty percent of the income produced from the cultural center is used to provide healthcare for children, elderly, and pregnant women.

Welcome to Kushi Waira

Kushi Waira Tour Program

  1. Welcome to the cottage Samana Wasi Kañarishungo
  2. Toast with "Canelazo". It is a traditional symbol of welcome and fellowship.
  3. Breakfast with typical food of the community, "mote pata", "mote casado" "agua aromática" (tea) or coffee.
  4. Explanation in a map for the walking.
  5. Visit a guinea pig experience.
  6. Arrival to Ingacuca. Explanation of medicinal plants, each one with its name in Quechua.
  7. Arrival to Hurcu Achapana: overlook. Where you'll see mountains and beautiful landscapes. These ones were part of a larger Cañari territory.
  8. Tour to Jambiñan. Where we'll find medicinal plants used for thousands of years before the Spanish came. We'll explain the curative values of each plant.
  9. Arrive at the highest point of the mountain. We'll find the fresh air, We'll practice rituals dedicated to Taita Inti (sun), Mama Quilla (moon), Pachamama (Mother Earth), Kuillurs (stars), who are the gods of the Cañari town.
  10. From the overlook Cañaribamba, we´ll observe historical sites and touristic attractions.
  11. Arrival to Ingañan (Inca Road) with its beautiful and varied natural colors of the Earth.
  12. In the sacred place will enjoy the "pampamesa" (community meal). You'll savor the great delight of the food that is produced locally as "pollo criollo", cheese, potatoes, mote casado, peas, "huevos criollos", vegetables, chili, "pepa de sambo", "aguitas aromaticas", etc.
  13. Back to the cottage, Tourist and Cultural Center, Kushiwaira, we'll demonstrate the spinning of the "guango" with sheep's wool. There are sales of handicrafts made by members of the community.
  14. Live music with the musical group Kikintaquina which means "our music". We'll play the following musical instruments: flute, kena, piccolos, pingullo, rondador, drum, bass drum, wuiro, guitar, by the bocina, and accordion. The wind instruments are made with our hands and our songs are inspired by Quechua and Spanish languages.
  15. We sell handicrafts made by women of the community.
  16. Enjoy a little ride.
  17. Popular dance. Party with members of our community.
  18. A thank you farewell for visiting our grateful community.

Price: $40.00 per person (includes transportation).

We also offer hosting if you want to spend the night, including dinner and breakfast the next day. The cost is $15.00 USD.

We offer full-time rides. The cost is $40.00 USD.

The money raised by tourism community goes to the benefit of nutrition and health of the community Parcoloma.