The Art of Smart Thinking

The Art of Smart Thinking

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Dr. Hardt's Alpha Training has given me more awareness and ability to increase these benefits for my clients and in my own life as well ...
-James Arthur Ray, Speaker, Author, Harmonic Wealth

If you're at all serious about your emotional and spiritual growth, this is going to absolutely blow your mind.
-Bill Harris, Founder, Centerpointe & Holosynch(tm) technology


There's a leap in me
And I must let go
To fall freely into the hands
Of life - To touch the core
Of my being- to be in the flow...
-Excerpt from poem written by Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith Inspired by Alpha Training at Biocybernaut Institute Reprinted with permission.


From the Introduction:

How would you like to access all of your brain s innate capacity to learn, invent, create and solve problems? Would it improve your life if you could think more clearly, access your intuition, reduce stress and anxiety, and prevent your brain from aging? We ve all heard that we use only a tiny percentage of our brain s natural capacity. If you've ever wondered why, The Art of Smart Thinking will provide some answers and solutions.

Every experience you have is the result of certain brain waves. Unfortunately, most of us are only accessing two of our four brain waves, and the two left out, Alpha and Theta, are actually the most important for exceptional creativity and intelligence! .

You can learn to produce these two types of brain waves on command, which will allow you to:

  • Restore your youthful brain wave patterns
  • Enhance your creativity, empathy and problem-solving ability
  • Improve your personal relationships
  • Reduce your feelings of stress, anxiety, anger and depression
  • Enhance your special skills and abilities
  • Achieve physical and mental peak performance states The Zone
  • Improve your mental clarity and memory