Ye shall know the truth Paperback

Ye shall know the truth Paperback

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Tired of trying to figure out which books—and authors—are giving you the straight scoop about important historical matters and current events? Or are you “new” to the patriot movement and just “catching up” and trying to figure out what’s been going on? If so, this is definitely the book for you. For years, AFP correspondent Michael Collins Piper—the best-selling author of 12 books—has received thousands of calls and letters from good folks who want to know where he’s found so much of the valuable information he’s used in his writings. People want to know which books THEY need to read. Now—in a full-length book—Piper answers the question . . .

Do you really know which books and authors you can—or can NOT—trust?

The global plutocracy and the New World Order

The Federal Reserve and the money racket

Capitalism, Communism and Zionism

World wars and revolutions

Who really runs the organized crime syndicate

The big (dirty) secrets about book publishing

Israel and Jewish power in America

Phony ‘patriots’—some big names—unmasked

Ugly facts about CIA and FBI intrigues

Those predatory families who control the media

The JFK assassination, Oklahoma City and 9-11

REAL Nationalism vs. Internationalism & Imperialism

Hitler and the Rothschilds (the truth at last)

The arms dealers and war profiteering

How the Holocaust advances the Illuminist agenda

Watergate & Monica-gate: The untold stories

Freemasonic subversion of the Catholic Church

Yes, Communists Now Control the Republican Party

Bushes, Clintons, Roosevelts, Rockefellers & more

Ye Shall Know the Truth is packed with critical analysis, historical commentary, reflections upon important issues and events, and solid data every patriot needs to understand the problems facing our world today.